The issue regarding salary is something which is inquired a lot within the processes regarding recruitment, there are only three suppositions:
That the employee agrees to dedicate yourself less than what are the agreement marks. Which is illegal, but it is all totally there.
How the salary provided for by the collective agreement end up being agreed upon. It is precisely what it is with regard to.
That the member of staff intends for your reasons that are, a salary more than the agreement. And the company accept or otherwise not.

salary being an SEO teleworker is that of the particular ICT collective arrangement (Group III Office Professionals, Web Designer). My partner and i accept to work part time. My ideal day time is 8 hours per month, to get a monthly wage also of 1 hundred euros. One hundred dollars is my own net salary. You also have to be able to count on Social Security shelling out, which will depend on above all on the expertise of your labor consultant. No, I do not lend me personally to becoming false self-employed. It’s a pain of paperwork and stories. Simply no, not even if you pay for the advice and of course all of the expenses. He or she passed.

Time period of the contract: month-to-month renewable. Simply no fixed expression. As soon as one of many parties determines, he tells the other and that is where the tale ends. While I work for your business, I will not benefit another in the same market of activity. If I no longer work for you, in the next day I can start working for your competition.

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